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Tooth Whitening

Take years off your smile for only $189!  We offer 1.5 hour in office tooth whitening with the “Wicked White” tooth whitening system.  The Wicked White system uses 3 x 15 minute treatments of two different types of whitening agent gels.  Having two options of gel, we can customize a whitening plan for you that may be less sensitive if you already have sensitive teeth.  The Wicked White system uses a cool LED light instead of a light that produces heat.  This also reduces sensitivity.

The whitening usually lasts one year in most clients, depending on your eating and drinking habits and genetics.  To extend your whitening  treatment for as long as possible, we offer a “boost” treatment that you can do at home at your own convenience, simply by purchasing our amazing Whitening Pen for $35.

All regular dental hygiene patients get whitening for $125.

When it comes to the care of your teeth, trust only dental professionals to ensure safety and quality with Professional tooth whitening products and services.


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